Shirley Shuler

Shirley Shuler
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I love writing poetry and short stories
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For those who know....the pain, the hurt, the feelings of loss
For those who know....the pain, the hurt, the feeling of loss
I have never told this story to anyone, other then my mother and two sisters, but I give it here to those I hope might understand.
A ten year old girl, having a conversation with her grandmother, these words of wisdom was her gift to me, and that gift is still alive and well, living inside my heart.
Faith can and will move mountains....if we believe and have faith
Those bad hair days, you know the ones I'm talking about, the ones that made you want to go hide in the closet.
Lined and wrinkled...the passage of time moving, yet standing still
How long will this continue to go on, how many more children will suffer.
A challenge using the words, hypocrite, cookie jar, telephone and city.
It's Friday night and my brother can't wait to meet his beautiful date.
Those good old days of yesteryear with Frank and the gang
There is a very thin line between truth and lies...
A tablecloth welcomes dinner guests, young and old, with their own monogrammed signatures.
Beautiful velvet roses, giving everything... for a few hours of glory
Cold, unbroken pieces of ice, unforgiving relentless ice
Look yourself in the mirror everyday and say I am somebody
I have written this prayer as a reminder to myself and others, we should never become too busy, that we forget to pray.
This is my attempt at writing a palindrome poem... It really is fun playing around with words
Evil winds blowing, looking for a place to hide.... there is no place like home
It's not easy out there for a Peeping Tom, trying to get his nuts
And they call it progress... to speak with a human voice, now that would be progress
There's a thin line between reality and illusion...
He lives...I know this, because I don't believe he would bring me this far to leave me
Slowly walking the forest path... still couldn't see the forest
Some foods that heal, many of these are in your refrigerator... knowledge is power.
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