Martin King

Martin King
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I love to write about anything and everything, from poetry to short stories, at the moment I am housebound with severe sciatica, which gives me plenty of time to write. I also love to sketch portraits and wildlife which you will see during your time reading my pages,
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Recent pages by Martin King

A short bio and a portrait of Jayne Mansfield one of the most glamourous acctresses of the 50s and 60s,
A short bio of James Hetfield including a Portrait of the man
A short Bio of Michael Jacson with a portrait of the famous man
An article looking at the difference between baking your own and buying from the shop
A poem about dreams changing from nightmares to pleasant dreams, A poem I put to a drawing titled Good v Evil I drew a little while ago,
A poem about the problems of not keeping an eye on your insurance policies
Part wishful thinking and part keep up the good work to the scientists, who are trying to find cures for all types of health issues,
A poem about a lost puppy being found and renamed Spike in its new home
A short article about the effects of young girls walking past a building site and getting abuse thrown at her.
A poem about a man going of to war and leaving his family at home to worry.
A poem about the Ladies of the night, the oldest profession
A poem about the rescue of a stray dog, which ended up with a new name of Roger, The picture of Roger was drawn by myself using graphite pencil.
A poem about holiday time in the summer, going through most aspects of the holiday
A cat and mouse story where the mouse survives the cat written in the form of a 100 word Drabble
A short letter explaining the good side of Wikinut
A little poem about myself, and the suffering I am going through waiting for an operation for sciatica,
A short article of one simple suggestion on getting through that dreaded writers block.
A poem about the feelings you go through when you buy that lucky lottery ticket
A 100 word Drabble about the bookies always come out on top, The artwork was done by myself.
Easter is coming they made lots of money from Christmas now it's the time for easter to make it's share
A Poem of Braving a terrible storm through a child's eyes
A poem about the season of spring and the thoughts and dreams it brings
A poem about the fun of doing as the breed suggests, in retrieving her favourite stick, The picture of the dog which accompanies this poem, is not a Golden Retriever it is another dog I drew, so a mungrel is better than no dog at all.
Log on to Facebook check to see if your culprit is home or not before you rob them,
How prisoners aquire just about anything they need, to make life easier and more comfortable when they are supposed to be being punished for their crime.
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