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Abhinav Kumar is a Public Relations and Digital Marketing professional who also love to write about the industry and current affairs.
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In the age where social media is on the rise, it is hard to not integrate social media strategies into one’s business. Having said that, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to do it without having any goals or knowledge about it.
Over the past few years, social media marketing has received immense attention from the people all over the world. Many businesses have been taking up on to this new trend as it gives their business a huge boost.
Digital marketing may seem to be the recent fad, but it is a trend that you simply can’t turn a blind eye to. It is a way to convert all your online users to your customers and generate money from it.
Customers often face issues while accessing their email accounts, especially when using Hotmail. The Hotmail Customer Support number AUS is the best way to be able to resolve all the email problems related to Hotmail.
Today social media is the high-speed vehicle for the digital PR that’s fuelled by super content and driven by the growth-hackers on a digital track, straight and break-free.
We hear around us, on social media, tv, online magazines how art changes the world and inspires people. But people don't understand how this is happening and how we can contribute.
While working on setting up a new business venture I thought it will be great to share some of my experiences with others who are bitten by the entrepreneurial bug!
Social Media plays a crucial role in the marketing campaign of any company. A well-thought-out social media campaign can take a business to new heights and vice versa.
As content marketing has become increasingly popular, a lot of companies have started investing their time and efforts to execute successful campaigns.
When seeking translation services for important works, you want to be sure that the translation agency you are choosing is right for you.
Are you ready for the blockbuster party on new year's eve? Wanna melt the ice with your thumping dance steps or dreaming to rock on the beats of foreign DJs? Then, don't kill your temptations because desires are not bursting, you have to flare them up with the right planning.
Pharmaceutical market in and from India is on a twin-engine-powered growth path. The domestic engine continues to log 15+ percent CAGR on a growing base and exports engine is ascending at even higher pace.
Many people believe that just the knowledge of a foreign language has been enough to become a translator.
The power of the internet has brought a radical transformation in the marketing strategies of targeting and communicating with the customers.
We all know that content is the foremost thing to attract and engage target audiences and it plays a crucial role in gaining high search engine rankings.
Creative and unique content is the foremost need of every organisation in this information age. Words connect people with an organisation once they weaved and structured with utmost care.
According to [b]Mr. Kislay Pandey[/b], the famous corporate lawyer of the Supreme Court of India, "GST is in the favor of all, it will decrease tax burden on both producer and consumer and accrue growth to the country's GDP.
Following alleged irregularities in the All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT) that held on May 03, the Supreme Court of India ordered CBSE to conduct fresh exams within four weeks.
Flatulence is one of the most embarrassing bodily functions and has become the butt of so many cheap jokes. But problems related to digestion are no laughing matter.
Every year, lacs of students from science background appear in the IIT-JEE entrance examination with hope and ambitions.
In today’s world women is leading in every area. She is a supermom, a homemaker, a caring wife, the best employee and also an adventurous woman.
Have you ever thought how wonderful it could be if you are offered consultation from the experts of their areas at just Rs.10, while sitting at home or working in office.
Marketers can make you fool, friends can often lead to confusion, but expert opinions always grant you endless satisfaction and great results, then be smart and finish your problems with much ease.
To handle your issues there are numerous imaginative online gateways like finish problems, where one can discuss his/her problems with experts of the relevant field.
Social media is the perfect platform for the innovative marketers who knows the significance and benefits of personalised marketing.
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