Paul Butters

Paul Butters
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I am a Writer. Freelance in that I am not employed any more, being retired. I can write more than ever now. Academically I have a B.Ed. Honours Degree in English Literature from Leeds (Huddersfield) University. Taught Secondary (13-18) English in the 1970s. Careers (latterly Connexions) Personal Adviser 1982-2006. Write poetry, stories, blogs... Science Fiction, Religious, Space, Life, Everything. My teachers saw me as "gifted in English".
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The Triond servers are down. Is this The End??? Another writing site bites the dust???
Like any sport, table tennis is all in the mind. Some tips...
All aspects of improving your table tennis performance.
At any level of table tennis or ping pong, consistency is something we all seek. A holistic approach is required to achieve this. Better footwork, safer shots, practice, the countering game: there are many factors involved. Buying the right bat, practising often, fitness, concentratio...
Yes, Table Tennis Rocks! You’d better believe it. It is a much better sport than most people realise. Much under-rated. It’s about time this changed. Viva Table Tennis!
Why do you suicide bombers kill yourselves? I do not understand this. There is no rhyme or reason for such self-sacrifice. Surely no need to kill and maim others. For religion? SOME religion. Why? It does not make sense.
Here is my personal take on Careers work: career choice , guidance, counselling, information and advice.I worked for Humberside Careers service, latterly called Connexions, for 24 years. We provided careers guidance and counselling, plus help with job seeking skills, all for free. I g...
Recently a new planet was found which might support life....
Want to make more of your life? Here is my personal view for a brighter future.
Fed up of having to watch your Ps and Qs? Read on...
I sit thinking. Let's write a poem. Show what I can do. Excite the reader....
Wayne Rooney: you may Love or Hate him, but he cannot be ignored.
I went in a time machine to the world of 2700. Here is what they recommended us to eat and drink.
An exploration of the true nature of poetry. Poets write such a variety of forms and styles. Is any one way the best?
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