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I've never been more normal than I am now.
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Greece threatens to sue the European Union to block the country's exclusion from the euro area
CHABAD in France: a plant from Isère was attacked, and a man, beheaded. The French Premier asks for "increased vigilance". Prosecutor antiterorist of Paris started an investigation
Sergei Ivanov warns relations between USA and Russia.
Angelina Jolie characterizes the refugee crisis as an "explosion of suffering"
NATO has set up a "red phone" with the Russian army for the first time after the cold war
Japanese maglev train exceeds the SPEED WORLD RECORD for the second time in less than a week: 603 km/h
Twitter will allocate 42% of revenue in the first quarter benefit of Directors, despite losses.
Earthquake in Nepal to Kathmandu with three feet, but did not affect the height of Mount Everest
American civil Ship, captured by Iranian Naval Forces. Iranian troops have boarded the vessel. The U.S. sent military planes and ships in the area
Schumacher's impresario threatens press with lengthy processes if they have disclosed information about the status of former F1 champion
Facebook changes again application for mobile phones. What changes will bring the new version.
Does lightning specs and comes with Android and Windows 10! You can make this phone top.
EARTHQUAKE in NEPAL: a strong retort, with a magnitude of 6.7, sparked new avalanches. The balance of the earthquake has exceeded 1,900 dead.
Simona Halep, eliminated in the semifinals of the Stuttgart of Caroline Wozniacki. Danish defeat by a score of 7-5, 5-7, 6-2.
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