JB Woods

JB Woods
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I've been writing for thirty years.
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A song I composed at one of my lower points. I hope you enjoy.
I've been writing poetry for thirty years. My poems tend to run to the darker emotions; however, I feel these are sometimes the emotions that are most relatable to others. I have been bipolar for fifteen years, and my poetry is an outlet in which I can cathartically express my depress...
This is just my outlook on a world that seems to have gone mad. A world where money makes the man, and exceptions are not made based on equality or justice in too many situations.
Another in my poetry collection. My poetry runs a bit on the morbid side. It is, however, drawn from true life experiences.
The first of my poems that I am publishing for others to (hopefully) enjoy. My writing is my soul bared, so I hope you will find something to relate to.
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