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I'm a Poet, an artist, a Phoenix. I am a gypsy. My people wondering the lands of Italy dreaming, living, loving. My name isn't Frankie. This is a page full of my inner most meanderings.<div class="hub
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“With you, I am the wolf and the sheep- With you I am a lion and it’s ness.. Feral lives inside me formed of Cats and rats, wild and untamed Predator and prey.” She shimmers and the colors swirl about her..
A scene from what was written as a screen play..I ran across it and edited into story form. Maybe a chapter for a book. I'd love to know what you think.
Sometimes life is about just surviving by putting one foot in front of the other. Always we will face a darkness within, behind or around us and the ability to persevere is so common all around us that we never realize the immense power we have within to not just survive, to thrive. T...
...As she steeps, Justification; a blanket she wraps around her Riding on a scallop shell, and born of foam She cuts the strings...
An fanciful daydream written in prose form about idealism and finding a way to make sense of self in a crazy sorta world.
A poem by frankieonefire written June 2011 after I moved to a new city. Every poet has a story.
Daydreams and fantasy's about the one who got away.
It's a poem about the rush of showing true courage.
'Nothing changes if nothing changes'; a girls anthem as she embraces the reality of fairy tales and happy endings. Her journey down the wayward roads of innocence and love and heartache and self actualization. A memory of ending yet another chapter and liberation becoming her solace a...
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