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i love anything that has to do with creativity, so expect articles about anything
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This poem is about how we forget about our dreams when we grow up. The dreams we had as children. Life just sucks our dreams and imagination, the only thing left for us to consider is how to get through with work. How to exist in life. This poem is to show how children still see the d...
A poem about how we should never give up trying. the more you try the more closer you are to victory. even if it takes too long, even if it takes years to succeed in your goal, never give up on the things you love.
death does not warn us when he is about to come. he awaits for our moment and comes in the shadows
This is an urban legend that's been told in my island, how people came across some terrifying creatures at night. i made it into a poem.
A poem about the fear of life. The fear of living life, the fear of letting go, but no matter how we struggle with the fear, life goes on with or without us. perhaps we should rethink before we start avoiding chances in life in fear we might get rejected. sometimes in life there are n...
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