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Williamsji Maveli, who is a well known writer, poet, film critic in the Malayalam Literature and film Industry was born on 23, April 1955 in Irinjalakuda town, Thrissur District, Kerala State, India.
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Recent pages by Williamsji

A write-up on poetry based on an anthology " Musical Marvels of Self ", jointly written by Dr. Ujjwala Kakarala & Rumpa Ghosh
This page is dedicated for my own love lyrics, love is not at first sight, it is an everlasting concept
A collection of romantic poems written by POET WILLIAMSJI MAVELI in collaboration with POETESS SARASWATI POSWAL
We all believe that poetry is an interpretation of life and love. An inspirational love lyric by Williamsji Maveli
This is a Tribute Poem on my Dad Late George Maveli who passed away on Saturday, 19th July-Williamsji Maveli
“The Eyes are the window to your soul” ― William Shakespeare This is a Poem on Love and Life by Williamsji Maveli
A Poem depicting the beauty of nature and environment written by Williamsji Maveli
An introduction of new poems by new poets and poetess along with their popular poems with an appreciation review - Williamsji Maveli
Ocean is always a concept of mystery. This poem depicts Ocean as women symbolically.- WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
This poem depicts the situation and status of our souls - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
The poem depicts the influence of the wind with the human body - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
The poem depicts the relationship of Life and soul - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
This poem depicts the beauty and bounty of a women in bed - WILLIAMSJI
The poem depicts the elements and concepts of beauty in women - WILLIAMSJI
Dr. Kesavan Vellikulangara was a close associate of Williamsji Maveli. This write-up is a tribute to his departed Soul.
The poem is being posted after having inspired on the Betrothal ceremony of Miss Marilyn Williams, the eldest daughter of author Williamsji Maveli
The poem depicts the grief of the autumn season which is called the season of fall - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
The Poem depicts the beauty of the season, "Spring" - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
This poem highlights the longings of a soul - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
This Poem reveals the secret ways of relief and relaxation of male and female body and mind in a sex oriented environment - WILLIAMSJI
This is a news write-up and tribute to Late Padmashri Premnazir, the ever green hero of Malayalam Cinema - WILLIAMSJI
The Poem gives an insight towards every human life - WILLIAMSJI
This is the News Column " Nutshell " , Media Column - WILLIAMSJI
The Poems depicts the celestial moments of Music - WILLIAMSJI
The Poem highlights the comparison of an imaginations with creations - WILLIAMSJI
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