PJ Dorantes

PJ Dorantes
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Creativity is life. I write mostly short stories
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We need you more than ever, precious waterfall of life.
This is the second part of the story of a girl who had a big secret.
This is the first part of a short story about a girl who had a big secret
There was a little bit of hope, waiting to be discovered.
Walking down the street, there she was, a young woman smiling like a child.
Being thankful for what you have, is a big virtue for any human being.
Just relax and enjoy this sensation that runs through your veins.
Say goodbye to those little things that once scared you.
For the young man, music was everything.he needed to heal his own soul.
Who could blame them, for believing into something beautiful?
To live, just to enjoy the precious things that life gives to you.
Not everything in this life is only black or white.
My darling, you are in my mind,giving me sleepless nights.
If you want to succeed, you know that you must keep walking
Believe it or not, love of mine, I do believe in our love.
The promise he made long time ago, helped him to survive.
Just... Who or what caused that sorrow? There was no way to know it for certain.
Don´t be afraid of trying to turn your dreams into beautiful realities.
This is a poem that was inspired by the Day of The Dead
For tonight, you are free to express your true self on the dancefloor.
Yes, life is hard, there is no doubt about it. But if you change your attitude, interesting things could happen.
We know how to use our imagination to create beautiful things.
If I call you my friend, you can consider yourself lucky.
In the darkest hour of the day, I was able to find myself again.
This is a little poem about a calm autumn afternoon. Hope you ´ll like it.
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