Barbara Hagen

Barbara Hagen
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I am a poet and my work has been featured in the World Poetry Movement Best Authors 2011 and 2012 books. I published a poetry book called All For MJ; A Collection of My Favorite Poems.
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This is a poem describing the experience of a compulsive gambler by a compulsive gambler
This is a poem about a nice romantic day on a warm sandy beach during the middle of summer!
This poem was inspired by the movie "42"; a movie about Jackie Robinson and how he refused to let those who thought negatively about him dictate his life.
This poem was featured in the World Poetry Movement's Best Poets and Poems of 2011 and it was inspired by my one true love
I was inspired to write this poem by the new movie that came out about Jackie Robinson called "42"
This poem is about someone who plays the field without regards to the pain he is causing
This is a fictional poem that is written to illustrate how serious compulsive gambling can be and what some of the consequences of uncontrolled gambling are
This poem is about the kindness to a compulsive gambler that helps him or her turn her life around
This poem reflects the benefits of writing poetry to one who is struggling to maintain his or her recovery from compulsive gambling
This poem is about what the misunderstandings that happen sometimes when we forget to check our emails!
This poem is based on a recent personal experience which reminded me of the pain of discrimination and how important it is for us to be kind to others
I wrote this poem to remind myself of God's goodness and grace to me
This is a poem about the beauty and grace of the flying fish
This is a poem is about the anticipation of an upcoming rock concert
This poem is based on my experiences with compulsive gambling. One night I gambled all of my money away and I had to spend the night in a rest stop because I didn't have enough money for gas to get home, nor could I afford to stay anywhere.
This poem is based on a true life experience with compulsive gambling and it is a description of what it is like to be a compulsive gambler
This poem is a description of how addiction and infidelity can destroy relationships
This is a poem about living in the desert and witnessing more and more construction that is taking away from the natural scenery.
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