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I am a 52 year old male from Texas. I have been writing poetry all of my life. I have had three books of poetry published.
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How often do we think about time? We use time as a clock for events and daily pursuits. But, what is time? There is far more to time than we realize.
There are those among us who daily deal with helping others in ways we do not think about. This poem is a dedication to those people.
The dark side is the part of ourselves that we deny, hide or suppress. This article explores what is hidden inside us and why.
This, as many of my poems do, came from a dream I had about a world where everyone on Earth helps everyone else and all is love.
Have you ever wondered if we are waiting for a huge curtain to lift and the truth of life will appear? This poem questions our ideals.
An article speculating on the idea of other universes where we live our lives in different realities. Does this make you wonder?
This poem is meant to let people realize that anything can happen while you sleep. Do you believe?
This is a short account of a remarkable event that happened to me in 1993. I will swear in a court of law that it is true!
This poem was written while I thought about how people fear the future. I feel that this is a world-wide sense of despair for our freedom. The government may truly be out to get us. When the time comes, what will I do?
This poem was written for everyone who ever thought the need for a safe place, not just for the body, but also for the soul.
I wrote this poem as a reflection, comparing writing poetry to living with the forces of nature. This poem shows how I feel about life compared to writing poetry.
This poem came from a dream I had, as many of my poetry does. Perhaps you will find a nugget of truth to explore.
This poem was written as I explored the inner emotion of people who are afraid of the future.
This poem is a dedication to my cousin, Michelle, who lost her battle with cancer after fighting the disease for six years. She left behind her husband and three children. The greatest loss was for her parents. Time will ease the pain, but they will never forget.
This poem was written as I pondered about what lies in our true nature. I still do not know the answer, but does anyone?
This sonnet is a labor of love that I wrote for God. Not only was it written for God, it was written so that anyone who reads it may find hope.
This is a spiritual poem that describes a dream I had one night. I woke in the morning and wrote it without changing a word.
This is a spiritual poem. I have long meditated on enlightenment of my soul. I find each day brings a new experience that fills my spirit with hope for tomorrow.
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