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I am someone who is very fond of new experiences are positive, one with writing a variety of ideas and experiences and opinions about various topics in life. My very grateful if any input that could improve my skills in writing. Give me good advice I was very open to positive feedback.
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Sex organs are part of our body is special for us. In addition to maintaining the continuity of generations, this organ serves to balance the water disposal system that has the same art as we understand it. And of course also for sexual activity. But have we ever want to know a little...
Life leaves many stories to all beings. The same world with different opportunities and fortune. Children should enjoy the day with the play, was forced to break rocks hard life, working hard to connect to breath without dreams and hopes.
Why because it all, we have despised?, why because it all, we should blame?, why because it all, we must be destroyed?.
Facts about the lives of street children to explain something many stages of life, which passed with not normal.
Society was formed under an agreement would need a hold of morality that must be executed in a common life among members of the public. Consensus will be the rules of morality that will be done with a guide for all members of the community in conducting the various activities of life ...
I still miss you, here, between the rotation of night and day that felt short. My dream strangled the seconds, flogged the days, my prayer squealing under the hot sun.
Because poetry is born of reflection, fruitful policy. Because poetry is the human longing on beauty and truth.
This world is transitory, fragile body in touch. Easy to lose faith in the instigation of a whisper.
My friends, I fear we are too far up the order complained complained. I fear our grave stone, freezing and becoming numb.
Beautiful Gifts.Ffor the lover who never tired. All the prayers and love for the mother of our beautiful.
Until once again this morning Longing in poetry back into Outpouring of my heart in the form of poetry Hopefully tomorrow I can be back soon
Do not understand even less understood. Should any problem can be overcome.
It's all about cause and effect. Giving and receiving. About us.
To be a person who liked and respected by others, we must also continue to learn to respect others.
The crisis that has engulfed Europe can not be taken lightly. One of the impacts that are felt is the thinness of employment. The high rates of unemployment into new problems that must be resolved by the government and state governments in the European region. The latest data released...
Lover of diet and slimming drugs seem to be a little more carefully and be careful to choose the kind of slimming drugs that are used. This is related to the withdrawal of some brands of slimming drug from the market following a decision issued by the Board of Supervisors the United S...
The United States government officials to temporarily can not expect any salary increases next year. This occurs when the proposed congressional approval of President Barack Obama. Monday last week, President Obama offered a plan called the “federal pay freeze”. Where this proposa...
It’s all about perspective, about understanding, about taste, about giving and receiving, about sharing, about forms, about fantasy, about to have, about beliefs, about the heart, about the mental, the psychological, about trust. Sex covers it all. In circumstances where we can enjo...
Alternative treatment through medicinal plants and fruit. Soursop for the treatment of cancer, hemorrhoid, anti aging, bladder, and other diseases.
Poems about curses that arise from the pressures of life. A person who is polite and gentle can also pronounce curses while he was in great confusion.
Two eye coin. Life is a choice, like the eyes there are only two sides of a coin. Good and evil. Rich and poor. Healthy and sick. The angel and the devil. All depends on us, our own choice.
Not all restaurant health standards for consumers. Many places in the restaurant which proved to be a growing place germs and bacteria that endanger the health of customers.
Who are the little people? My friend whispered: “The little people are the ones who are poor, small helpers, laborers and people that are considered trivial and lose fared … and another and another.” At that, I fell down.
Sacred dance from the island of Bali, Indonesia. Bali Island has a variety of body types of arts, from performance art to art that is sacred. One type of sacred art is a dance held Sanghyang Jaran, as shown in Denpasar, recently. All the male dancers who perform in unconscious conditi...
The mystery that always haunt the king of pop. Is Michael Jackson really dead?. ... .. The King is still there and still alive with a variety of works that continue still we can enjoy. Wherever you are, Michael Jackson, .... May the peace and quiet is always with you. We love you Mich...
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