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I'm well into my fourth career. I write Opinion pieces, usually political. I write eclectic poetry, short stories, and essays. I also edit and teach writing.
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Tells what has happened since Sandra Fluke lobbied Congress to force the Catholic Church to pay for her contraceptives.
A sideways look at the Affordable Health Care Act, the 1st Amendment, Freedom of Religion, and Sandra Fluke originally written in December 2013, edited for today. There is another post to follow.
Rather than give in to Seasonal Affective Disorder, I chose to write poetry about the winter weather. Hope it give you a moan, a groan, and perhaps a chuckle.
A short explanation of The Constitution of the United States, Article II, Section 3. This is based on the Constitution, itself, and does not consider any amendments or laws since it was originally approved.
A short explanation of The Constitution of the United States, Article II, Section 2, Paragraph 1.
A short explanation of The Constitution of the United States, Article II, Section 2, Paragraph 1.
We hear "Transparency in Government" from one politician after another. Usually, the transparency is what government wants us to see, rather than what is actually there.
If you don't think poetry can be fun, you really need to consider a sestina about a hen. The poet used the words bay, lay, may, say, day, and way. Of course, there is a rooster in the plot. I tried to dispel the notion poetry is dry, and I think I succeeded
A brief summary of an early morning on the deck of our home, watching the world awaken to a new day.
A brief look at a year in the life of Gracia and Martin Burnham, missionaries to the Philippines. They were among the hostages taken by Abu Sayyaf and held hostage in the Philippine jungles for over a year. Her book tells of that ordeal. This review was originally published in the Boo...
If you are going to commit a crime, you need to cover the bases. In this case the bases included the burger joint and the kitchen table.
[i]TEEN's Guide to NOT Being Perfect,[/i] by Tom Krause, has some answers to a teen's questions of "Am I normal?" and "Will I Make it?" Teens will be glad to know the answers can be "Yes, I am!" and "Yes, I will!" This book can help teenagers learn about themselves, and find there is ...
Is it now the first of March and that fifteen pounds you were going to lose has inched up to sixteen? Learn why this happens and a few things that will help you work your way through accomplishing the difficult.
"Go Big Blue -- The Story of the 1974 Boonville Pirates" is more than the story of a high school football team winning a state championship. It is the story of the mentors, the community, and the perseverance of a bunch of boys who loved football. The author is now an international mo...
Are you getting tired of hearing people yammer about the Supreme Court of the United States having a war on women, when it is the 1st Amendment right to exercise religious freedom the Court upheld? It's time they sang a truthful song.
Trying to select the exact word that says what you want it to say can be a mind-boggling adventure. “I wonder what happened to the book?” Doesn’t that sound like a straightforward sentence? It’s pretty simple, isn’t it?
Proposing the theory "Sticky Notes" in all colors of the spectrum may make an impact on our psyches and change our attitude.
A brief explanation on what Rocky is, where Rocky came from, and who created him.
When I found out when the Fax machine was originally invented, I had to know more. I did research into the Invention, development, and future of the facsimile machine for a grad school paper. This page is that paper, edited by the author to reduce the length of it and to update inform...
What Putin said to the Duma in August of 2013 is pertinent to the current USA/Mexico border crisis. The leaders should take heed of an intelligent assessment.
My coffee maker is one of the few necessities in my life. I love my coffee.
What happens when it rains, and rains, and rains? Disaster!
A kid will do things on a dare, that kid would not do otherwise. Sometimes it is wrong. Sometimes it is another step in growing up.
Morris learns drinking too much loosens his tongue to a dangerous degree.
Gafney, a team member, wonders why the disaster clean-up crew is never seen arriving on the disaster site.
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