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If you are looking for a great film to see this weekend, check out the previews for Sanctum and The Roommate.
Check out the top performing films at the box office for the weekend of January 30th, 2011. The top three winners were The Rite, No Strings Attached and The Green Hornet.
Jim Carroll was a basketball hopeful whose world was turned upside down after being introduced to the inner city drug world. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Jim Carroll and stars alongside Mark Wahlberg and Lorraine Bracco in this 1995 film.
Check out the top performing box office movies for the weekend of January 23rd below. The top three films for the weekend were No Strings Attached, The Green Hornet and The Dilemma.
The 1996 comedy The Cable Guy stars Jim Carrey, Matthew Broderick, Jack Black, Leslie Mann and many more. If you haven't seen the film check out the movie review below.
Check out the top performing movies at the box office for the weekend of January 16th, 2011. The top three performers were The Green Hornet, The Dilemma and True Grit.
The only new movie being release on January 7th 2011 is Season of the Witch starring Nicholas Cage. Check out the movie preview as well as other great movie recommendations if you are heading out to the theater this weekend.
Clint Eastwood and Liam Neeson star in the 1988 crime drama The Dead Pool. Check out the film synopsis and one of the early roles played by Jim Carrey.
Jeff Goldblum, Jim Carrey, Damon Wayans and Geena Davis star in the 1988 comedy Earth Girls are Easy. Learn more about these talented actors and how they got their careers started with this 80s comedy.
Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel star in the 2008 hit comedy Yes Man. See how learning to say yes turns Carls world upside down.
The first weekend of 2011 provided some great competition for the box office dollar. See how much the top three films, Little Fockers, True Grit and TRON: Legacy made at the box office.
Check out the new movie released for the weekend of December 31st, 2010 including Blue Valentine starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams and Another Year starring Jim Broadbent and Ruth Sheen.
The 1994 comedy hit Ace Ventura: Pet Detective stars the talented and lovable Jim Carrey. Check out the movie review in this article.
The holiday box office didn’t disappoint. Check out the top performing films from the weekend of December 26th including Little Fockers, True Grit, and TRON: Legacy.
Check out this article for a quick recap of the box office earnings for the weekend of December 19th, 2010. The top three films were TRON: Legacy, Yogi Bear and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.
Jim Carrey stars in the funny romantic comedy Yes Man. Explore the synopsis of the film as well as some of the best quotes from the movie.
Check out the box office results for the weekend of December 12th, 2010. The top three films were The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Tourist and Tangled.
The 2003 comedy Bruce Almighty starred Jim Carrey, Morgan Freeman and Jennifer Aniston. See how the incredible cast and crew did managing to collect 14 nominations and awards for their work.
Check out the movie previews for The Tourist, The Tempest and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader all opening in theaters on Friday, December 10th, 2010.
The Truman Show starring the talented Jim Carrey was one of the most recognized Jim Carrey films of his career. This article highlights the over 25 awards won by the talented cast and crew of The Truman Show.
The internet is full of great opportunities to get compensated for doing things like completing polls, answering surveys, and watching videos. See how you can now even get rewarded for using Swagbucks coupons.
This weekend showed another strong performance of Disney’s Tangled and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part I. Check out all the top ten performers and a preview of new releases for Friday December 10th, 2010.
The movie Liar Liar starring Jim Carrey is full of great scenes and funny moments. This article will explore some of the funniest moments of the film.
The 1997 comedy film Liar Liar starred Jim Carrey and Maura Tierney. Not only did the movie make audiences laugh but it also earned a number of nominations and awards.
See what happens when a boys' wish for his father's honesty is granted in the hit comedy Liar Liar.
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