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21 year old with cerebral palsy living in Melbourne Australia. I have a love for crime shows and a degree in psychology, I also enjoy movies and reading, I'm just here to write about what I love :)
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There have been a few things that have made me angry today here they are
Last week I talked about BDSM & Disabilities, here I want to talk about some difficulties you might encounter once you quit the scene, namely ending the relationships with your submissives.
I'd planned to write this a few days ago, but I couldn't quite work up the energy. But here it is, here's my experience with the kink community, disabled, being disabled in the kink community, how I got in, and why I got out. Warning : Contains explicit content that may offend some.
Here I do a review of one of Melbourne's best live comedy venues the comics lounge. Read on to find out how I rate it in terms of being accessible for those with disabilities.
Thousands of people go missing every year, seemingly without a trace. Here I explore what it is about missing persons that is so fascinating.
Here I review disabled access for Moo Moo's Milkbar In Brunswick East, Victoria, Australia
Following on from my discussion on getting a job with a disability here I describe my latest experience in being a disabled person and trying to achieve employment.
Adjusting to life with a disability or making adjustments to your life having lived with a disability is an ongoing process. Here I discuss some adjustments people may need, my own experience and the professionals that can help with that.
Emotional pain is very real, it is extremely distressing, and experienced by all of us at one point or another, here I share my tips on coping and working through it.
Finding a job can be tough for anyone, finding a job can be even harder if you have a disability. Here I share my tips on finding a job as a person with a disability.
Depression can be tough to live with, find out some ways to learn how to manage it effectively.
Having allergies can be a pain, here are some tips to make it less painful to deal with.
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