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I am an Equnie Vet by profession specialised in Thoroughbreds!

Writing is my passion. Have been a free Lance Journalist and Cartoonist in late80's and early 90's in Local and National News Papers of India.
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Any sentence which gives a message becomes a quotation for me. A good quotation is one which impulsively touches ones heart and provokes one's brain the moment we come across it! I think it should have the quality of evoking the consciousness in an individual!
This is an attempt to review the CD of the audio tracks of a famous Hindi movie ‘Rang De Basanti’ here. Apart from having a touching patriotic theme, this movie has very beautiful songs with different moods and tempos, which are undoubtedly very carefully created by all time great...
Selecting top ten heroines from Hindi Cinema World, the Bollywood and writing about them briefly is an extremely difficult task as we have many talented heroines in the Industry since the time of its inception! Please give your valuable opinion about this attempt of mine and oblige.
This is a review of an excellent DVD by name 'Tapasya' by Pandit Jasraj, a well known Indian Classical Vocalist. The "mantra" recited in this DVD to please the God by the Tapasvi Pandit Jasraj makes this DVD, the perfect 'Tapasya' by him to please the Almighty.
Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam a black and white movie produced by the famous all rounder of Hindi movie world Guru Dutt is classic melodrama depicting the human relationships and the emotions attributed to them.
'Koi Mil Gaya' released in 2003, was a super hit Hindi movie of its time because of the much publicized character 'Jadoo' an alien and the trick photography. This movie is a typical Hindi masala movie with abundant amount of emotions, fights, songs and comedy incorporated in it!
Internet Photo Shops have picked up very fast for the past ten years or so. Here what all you need to do is - Just upload your photographs and place an order to get your photographs in the form desired by you! Now today in this review I am going to discuss about one of the famous onli...
The Screen play of the movie ‘Junoon’ is based on Ruskin Bond's heart rendering novel 'A flight of Pigeons' is efficiently translated by Shyam Benegal himself without altering much to maintain the originality of the work! This movie is the masterpiece by various geniuses from thei...
Home aquarium is a hobby with a difference and if pursued properly this can be a long term passionate hobby to make one's life a cheerful and satisfying one. With a hope that this article will be a useful guide for the enthusiasts interested in setting up a Home Aquarium, I am present...
'A Rough Guide To Bollywood Gold' is a audio CD with some good collection of Hindi movie songs! Though they are not 'Gold' from Bollywood, they are not even ordinary too! Just to have details about the selection of the songs and details about them, please follow this article!
Kaagaz Ke Phool, a Hindi movie was a Classic Marvel by the famous actor, director Gurudutt was a box office failure initially! This movie has become super hit after Gurudutt committed suicide...let us see why this so flop movie was adored by the people later on to make it a classic in...
Every one says that Titanic is a great movie! I would like you to see this movie through my perspective, please follow me through this review to see why Titanic really an out standing movie!
It is very unfortunate to see that the abandoned newborns are increasing in the Society day by day! It is an important issue to ponder on that, what happened with the maternal instinct of today’s women. Lust and Social pressures in their lives have pushed their ethics to a back seat...
I Often used to feel if my life will be purposeful or not when I was young! This is the poem written when I was in my early twenties.
She is just a vegetable and is in the state of Coma for last 38 years in ICU of KEM Hospital Mumbai. If read this article carefully I am sure you would ponder a while before leaving your comment!
Do you see anything much crazier than purchasing a piece of land on the Moon? Yes, believe me, land is for sale on the Moon! Interested ? Then this artice is defintely for you!
You may find my question as a weird one! But believe me I am always confused and want to know about the perfect way of having my Eggs for the reasons discussed in the article!
It is a fun to collect Coins! This article is all about the simple hobby of collecting coins which can be very interesting and amazing!
I like privacy while on shopping. Salesmen can be helpful to us at times when we actually need them to know some details abut any product! But then do you like them following you constantly while on shopping?
Shopping always leave us with a lot of change accumulated at the end of the day! Can you suggest any ways to get rid of this change?
I am very strict in preparing my shopping list ! I always instruct my wife and son to stick to the shopping list while on the shopping spree, but things never work for us...please read why it is so!!
Educate a boy, he will take care of his family! Educate a Girl, she will take care of the generations to come by educating them.
Why we often get angry on the people whom we love most? Have you ever given a thought about it? Please read on to add your views...
Being a professional I am Interested in writing a technical book on my subject but then there is plenty of information available on the internet because of which I am not really keep to come up with one! But then I will definitely write a book one day, about the experiences of my life...
Internet has become indispensible part of our lives and it comes along with some head aches with which we need to live, taking them as a part and parcel of the package!
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