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The White House announced on Tuesday that a key part of President Obama's Affordable Healthcare Act will be delayed and Republicans are gleeful.
It's no surprise to a lot of people, but Friday the US government filed formal charges against NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden.
President Obama hasn't even released his second-term climate plan, but key Republicans are already condemning it.
At a time filled with tensions regarding Syria, cyber-attacks and NSA snooping, the State Department has released a report labeling Russia and China as having deplorable records on controlling human sex slaves rings.
If you ever dreamed of sending E.T a message, now is your chance!
As part of the draw-down in Afghanistan, President Obama announced at the G-8 summit plans to establish peace talks in a supporting role between the Taliban and Afghan forces.
The first day of the G-8 summit resulted in some measure of agreement between President Obama and President Putin, but not on the issue of arming Syrian rebels.
Amid growing concerns about escalating a war in Syria and new surveillance allegations by whistle-blower Snowden, the G-8 summit gets in the starting gate.
Jairo Moro Sandoval was killed as he worked to protect endangered sea turtle nests.
Edward Snowden says he will fight any extradition efforts by the United States, but is he really still in Hong Kong?
Hillary Clinton has joined the world of social media by joining Twitter.
Edward Snowden, self-professed leaker of NSA classified documents on surveillance programs is on the lamb.
President Obama has made an important step toward combating climate change by entering into an agreement with China to phase out HFC's.
A 29 year-old man formerly an analyst for the CIA claims ownership of phone and Internet surveillance leaks.
Environmentalists are thrilled the coastal nuclear plant San Onofre in Southern California will be closing.
Obama's promised troop withdrawal from Afghanistan is proceeding with recent NATO details being announced.
Republicans will not like this move, because they have no ability to block Obama's decision to appoint Susan Rice as his new national security adviser.
In a new twist on the Sheepdog guarding their flock against wolves, these dogs in Australia have been trained to guard a specific population of penguins in Australia from foxes.
It was a routine call to a small restaurant fire, but things quickly went wrong for the Houston firefighters, who responded to the call.
Polls show that Obama is more popular than Republicans in Congress in spite of their exaggerated "cover-ups" trying to blame Obama for Benghazi, the IRS situation and the AP probe.
Donald Trump is at it again. He claims everyone wants him to run for president in 2016 and he hints that he would be the best choice to run against Hillary Clinton if she gets into the race. Democrats would call Trump a four letter word if he
The controversial representative from Minnesota Michele Bachmann won't run for reelection in 2014.
Republicans have claimed that sequester cuts haven't caused much damage to every day Americans, but impacts are beginning to take hold and they aren't pretty or patriotic.
Some Republicans aren't wild about the idea, but the Tea Party cherishes Sarah Palin's special brand of conservative "you betcha'" down-home, bat-poop crazy.
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