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Future's Seeds
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When serious things happen, you may not feel right on discussing with people you know.

If this is your case, feel free to contact me! I am strive to make use of my spiritual knowledge to help!
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Nowadays many of us, especially teenagers, don't really have a life purpose. When people ask "what do you like most?", many of us cannot think of an answer. How can we find ourselves a purpose? There are many methods from the internet but none of them works! What can I do?
What did I do wrong? I put so much efforts into the relationship! Why it just doesn't work? Actually, no matter what kind of theories you looked at, religious free, not religious free, you can still get many answers. Let's have a look in deep!
Have you ever asked, why we need to give another push in such a hard moment? Yes everyone say that, but why? Everyone said you need to work hard on our job,then you will get promotion and salary increase. But why? If you ask the others why we need to work hard, people will think you ...
In Kabbalah, challenges and sadness keep coming to us again and again, is a situation called "Tikkun", which we need to fix some problem within us, so that the issues won't come again anymore. But how can we truly correct our Tikkun?
This is a touching little story of how one remember her very own secrets in her heart
Looking for what to do next? Maybe what I have found can help you a bit!
This is how one get an idea on improving the situation faced currently
Sharing on the way to do well in both spiritually and physically
This is a short record of how one found a purpose. A true, personal story and experience record
To the word 'Existence', what can you think of? Gods, Aliens, or yourself?
When Elizabeth Scott, a seventeen year old high school senior, first meets Leuken Bennett in the small town of Harrisburg Oregon, she has no idea the danger she places herself in by falling for him.
This is a sampling of what tax advantages are available as an entrepreneur.
A demonstration on how we are repetitively duped by the well-meaning believers who have virtually no evidence to back up their assertions. It also shows how this world-wide phenomenon came about and stays entrenched.
The course of your life can change in an instant. Haley's life changes dramatically when her husband unexpectedly dies leaving her a young widow.
The ruler of the ancient Dreaming City of Imrryr, has marshaled a band of sea-reavers in hopes of raiding his his homeland
The Universe Project is a study of the operation of this Universe including dimensions, life-streams and Rules of Consciousness
The concentration point of action games is not on killing the enemies, is playing as a special characters that you like. Alien Invasion make you become a cowboy!
Advantages to open and closed forums. Which one will you choose?
Creative, Smart, Outstanding, Attractive, Surprising, and Funniest cases!
Traditional Chinese Medicine provide a totally new concept to keep your body fit!
Jorte is the best PIM I have ever used in android. Everything can be grab in one glance
Guardian is not a game, but an useful app which brings you news update! With Good UI too!
Aliens is a simple action game, which you will control a cowboy to use his weapons to kill at much aliens as possible.
You Taught Me All the Precious Things , A very touching Japanese Drama
This is a game let you train up your brain to think more, and play funny game at the same time.
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