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Buck 1
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Male, married, retired. Play bagpipes, saxophone, clarinet, keyboards.
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The simple answer to lose weight successfully is to eat less! Some changes in diet and exercise might be appropriate and you are going to need someone to help you to stay on track.
Whenever you sing, whistle, or hum a tune you are playing by ear - because you heard the tune first. With practice it is possible to transfer the tune to a musical instrument.
A necessary chore to maintain the appearance of your car. Three easy steps is all it takes - Wash, Rinse, and Dry.
Your insurance needs depend on your age, any dependents you might have, asset protection, savings for education and retirement, income protection, health insurance.
Budgeting is basically only concerned with two things: Income and Expenditure. A budget needs to be written down, formatted as a simple list or spreadsheet, and set out so that Income and Expenditure are balanced against each other. In order to bring Income and Expenditure into ba...
Telemarketing is fun when you have the right attitude, respect your respondent, speak clearly and slowly, deliver a good script, and regardless of the response you get - keep picking up the phone.
Does the sound of the bagpipes raise the hairs on the back of your neck? Do you think you would look good in a kilt? Do you have Scottish ancestors? Then you should learn to play the bagpipes!
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