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Recent pages by prakashgp

This article takes you through the steps to create a simple php contact us form and sending the submitted data through email to admin
This articles describes how to load standard icons and from dll and exe files and show them on the window using cplusplus
This article explains how to create controls items like button, progressbar, edit box., combobox etc in a window using cpp.
This article shows how to show running system time and date in console using windows api in C++ language
This articles describes the relation between c/c++ programming and windows commanding.
Excellent File Copier is a software that can be to copy large files, copy from cd, dvd, scratched disks, continue unfinished copy etc at great speed.
These tricks can be helpful to beginners, who want to know some special tags and attributes that makes the web page look different, and also know tricks make a website load fast.
Here is a simple trick to visit link in mobile browsers. Works fine with opera mini.
Here are some useful funny bat codes. Just save them as .bat files using notepad and open them. See how they work.
Codes of these programs: 1. Decimal to Octal Converter 2. Trigonometric Value Calculator 3. Read & Speak Text File 3. Run a Program 4. Mount Folders as Virtual Drive 5. Miniature on Keyboard..!
Installing Original Certificates is not easy. After a lot of searching i found how to do it. Here is very important file you have to download and step by step instructions to do it.. I hope this will helpful to one who lost certificates from his NOKIA Mobile.
bsnl doesn’t provides ‘preffered acess point’ and you have to create it by giving APN as any of the ordinary config.settings
Learn about how to create nokia themes easily without using any special softwares. this can be done by using mobile also.
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