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A Chinese lady. Loves literature. A staunch feminist. Hopelessly romantic. Write to Live. Also find my writings at
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Fact: Asian tiger mothers breed successful children.
Find out the three golden principles that lead to personal success.
Facebook is the most commonly used networking site worldwide and we all love Facebook for some different reasons. Check out my reasons and see if they match yours.
Check out my favorite Taylor songs and why she is a role model for teenage girls. You'll be amazed by this little country girl who sparkles on the stage.
In this article, I will discuss the wrongs of the 'beard' policy frequently adopted by management companies in the show biz business and what can be done to grant gay celebrities equal rights.
Part II of my book review Comfort Women Speak. Proper judgment is to be made against the atrocities committed by the Japanese government during WWII.
This book review concludes my thoughts after reading the poignant and heart-breaking book Comfort Women Speak, in which a group of Korean women speak up about their plights in WWII during the darkest time of their lives.
I was young, naive and hopelessly in love at the time of writing. This letter embarrasses me so much when I re-read it some time later. It describes how a first crush can really ruin a teenage girl's heart (and smashes her sanity), especially when that boy is an absolute heartthrob, h...
HongKongers seem to have a common misunderstanding towards 'cultural preservation'. They think it will harm the economy, but I hold a different opinion.
My mom chose the piano for me. I never rebel enough to get rid of this grotesque monster that has my 7 years of teenage lives trapped. But one night, one stormy night changed my views towards the piano and made me realize that there was something magical about it that I've never notic...
People often equate single life with misery. By life or by choice, being single is actually an enjoyable thing, if you truly love yourself, and know there are better things in life which make you complete.
Puberty gives teenage girls a hard time. They encounter obstacles, face pressure and try to stay true to their true selves. Proper role models are to be introduced into their lives in order to get them through these tough times.
Here comes the second part of the '10 music stars that I love' list. From Christina Aguilera to Taylor Swift, see if your favorite also happens to be mine.
From Michael Jackson to Taylor Swift, find out the ten stars that I insanely love for their uniqueness and undeniable talent.
Why Postloop can be a really good place to earn passive income online
How I bounce back from academic failure and get in a prestigious University.
5 useful tips on how to handle your anger in proper and effective ways
One day, I was holding a pile of books on the way home and nobody helped me. Until, a unfriendly-looking stranger came along.
The feminine mystique still exists, but has evolved into a new dimension. Stereotypes of feminine beauty continue to haunt the female population, and its evil hands have even laid upon Olympians.
A short poem on the unfair treatment that I have received at school, at home and probably will receive in the future.
Why female virginity still matters in the modern society
An analysis on why conformity can be the greatest aid to the perpetuation of evil deeds.
A precise and concise discussion on the acts of rebellions executed by the female protagonists in the Taming of the Shrew and Six Women Poets.
A linguistic essay that serves to dissect the nature of the Chinese language and why it is 'sexist' from the linguistic point of view.
A literature essay which neatly compares the character of Macbeth and Macduff and clarifies who is the real manifestation of 'masculinity' in the play.
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