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I love to write, read, translate, and listen to good music.
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Recent pages by ontario

Protests against the islamo-consevative leaders of Turkey will not cease.
A new TV-series that is guaranteed to keep you awake.
A short story about creation, divinity or what you will.
A short writing about the psychology of wearing clothes, pros and cons.
A short description of a Transylvanian folk ballad, the plot of which was taken by other cultures.
Why do we love soccer games? Is it just for the beer you drink?
He came here to grow the crops and harnest the unseen. But we were unable to see.
The number of drug-addicts is increasing in Europe
A few lines about an utterly simple way of solving messed up situations
Ancient community customs of Transylvania-carnival time.
A reflection about the hardest winter I have ever seen.
A short writing about the true essentials of life as I see them
I would like to wish only the best for the readers of Wikinut!
Thoughts about the weaknesses of our society, as seen by a non-conformist
Showing in December in Romanian theatres, a comedy in two parts
About the remarkable influence of mass-media on people
A few thougts about religion as seen through a wider perspective
A debate on the existence of different life-forms as seen by a Hungarian scientist.
A sci-fi kind of story about the devastating effects of loneliness
How will the future Europe be shaped? Read a somewhat anarchistic opinion
There are countries where religion is being persecuted
A few thoughts about the growth of artificial intelligence
About a nightmare I had once, that would give Freud a hard time.
Those women, who drink two or more cups of coffee daily, are less predisposed to depression, shows a recent American research.
A piece of the incredibly spicy Sekler humour, that helped this community through hard times.
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