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Hi! I am a senior member of the DebtConsolidationCare Community. I have been writing articles for this community for the past few years. I love participating in the online forums and helping troubled individuals to solve their debt problems. I am also associated with DebtCC Wiki where you can write articles on interesting financial topics.
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Recent pages by GoodNelly

It is not that easy to eliminate debts quickly. You need to analyze at least 3 factors to determine how fast debt payments should be made.
Debt can hamper your financial health in the new year. This article highlights 5 financial tips that can help you steer clear of a debt monster in the year 2013.
There are various types of credit options for the college students. This article talks about the pros and cons of 3 credit options.
Emergency funds help consumers to handle critical situations deftly. This article highlights 4 tips to create an emergency fund.
If you want to lead a happy married life, then sit with your partner and initiate discussions on financial matters. This will help you protect your marital relationship from any adversity.
Holiday debts are a menace. They ruin your happiness at the very beginning of the new year. This article talks about 6 smart strategies that can help you ditch holiday debt.
It is misconception that you have to spend a substantial amount to remodel your bathroom. You can give it a new look by spending few hundreds of dollars.
You should give attention to minute details before filing bankruptcy. This is because your bankruptcy petition can be rejected due to a simple mistake. This article deals with 4 reasons why your bankruptcy petition may be dismissed by the court.
A lot of consumers build financial habits without knowing they are illegal. Some of the consumers practice those habits even after fully knowing they are illegal. This article deals with 5 financial habits which consumers must quit immediately.
The credit card companies often threaten to file lawsuits against the consumers who have defaulted on their debts. This article discusses about how consumers can avoid being sued by the credit card companies.
Debt consolidation Florida can help you get out of your debt-related issues. Find out the types of debts you can consolidate with the help of debt consolidation Florida.
Debt consolidation is a good way of paying off your debts by making single payments each month. There are many advantages, as well as disadvantages, of consolidating your debts. Check out the pros and cons of consolidation to make sure it is the right option for you to get debt-free.
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