Melissa Russell

Melissa Russell
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I write because I love it and as the years have passed, I've found my knowledge and skills haven't grown by leaps and bounds.

Poetry is where I spend most of time.
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Losing weight as a couple can be beneficial. Encouragement and success is easier to obtain with a partner
When facing chemo it's good to know what questions you should ask your doctor. Being informed helps to face chemotherapy with a clear mind.
Night and day sweats can be caused by other reasons than menopause, some underlining health issues could be the cause. Knowing what causes these sweats can be of importance for a person experiencing them.
Poetry about a journey of discovery through imagery regarding love and a woman's body.
Building communication skills with children can be difficult, especially effective ones, but with patience and love, a parent can keep that door open.
A reflection in poetic form about Summer and what it meant to children
Teenagers need privacy whether parents recognize it or not. With privacy comes responsibility though and teenagers need to realize this.
Tips and ideas on creating a pattern for a handbag. From selecting material to outlining the pattern.
Even during the winter time, there are activities you can partake in if you live or are visiting Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
For me, poems sometimes come by way of inspiration in the words or lines of another poet, this is true of this piece here. E.E. Cummings, in my opinion, draws a person in and lets them become a part of what he writes.
When is it appropriate to start dating. If you start dating when you're to young, what can happen? Should young people date? This article gives thoughts on being young and dating.
When it comes to stains on clothes, knowing how to remove them can save you money. Paint in clothes is no exception, this article touches on tips and ideas for removing paint from clothing.
Suggestions and ideas on how to decorate the walls of a home office. From themes, to family photos, giving your home office walls a life can aid in the enjoyment and well-being of working at home.
Plants can do more than beautify a home, they help to keep the air clean of allergens, and toxic gases which can affect a persons well-being. Some of the effects that plants can help keep at bay are allergies.
Recycling is important when it comes to saving money. Reusing pop bottles for different things around the house is a great way to save money
Honesty is important in any relationship, especially when it comes to finances. This article touches on a few suggestions that can help in keeping those lines of communication open.
What signals does one need to know about when trying to figure out if he's interested in you or not? This article will help one to be able to discern those mixed feelings.
The purpose of poetry carries many definitions depending on whom your speaking to at the moment. For me poetry's purpose is to see the world in its many different states and take from it, inspiration, leading to beautiful poetry.
A poem inspired by Langston Hughes Poetry Cultural Exchange. One day I hope all people see with the same objective and that is color is beautiful
It's always best to think before we speak, the tongue is a might weapon, it needs to be guarded
Tips and ideas on maintaining laundry and keeping it clean the right way.
Having a baby is a joy, but sometimes depression overcomes a woman after giving birth, how do you cope? How long does it last? This article touches on Postpartum Depression
Tips and suggestions on winterizing your sun-room and screened-in porch.
This poems is about the effect of Envy. It infects the heart and mind when given rein. Envy with a tad of color for dimension.
Safer ways to clean around the home without using bleach
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