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I'm an actor, musician, teacher and life coach. I will be publishing articles related to those topics, as well as common interest topics
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Recent pages by Authenticme

Here are some tried and tested tips to help you shed the pounds
Are you feeling down in the dumps? Here are some tips to improve your mood and outlook, at least for time it take to read this article
Do you dream of becoming an actor but can't afford Drama school? Read on..
Met your fair share of losers? Be inspired by my optimisic ode to Mr Right
What happens when you look a handle on your diary and just go with it. The world won't end you know!
A poem about staying up, getting up and what life's about
An amusing story about getting chatted up by a teenager, and my thoughts on ageing
Every visited a Toby Carvery? See if any of these thoughts resonate with you
Here are some tips on how to cope with mental setbacks on the road to becoming an actor - and how to stay focused in a tough industry
Acting is a competitive industry, here are some tips to help you stand up and be counted in the business of acting
Ever wondered how some actors make it and others fade into oblivian? Read these tips to spur you on and give you a dose of optimism!
Wondering how to balance working as an actor with paying the bills and maintaining your relationships? Here's some tips on keeping afloat
Ever wondered how you can still enjoy your food and still maintain a budget? Here are some tips to hold onto the pennies and stop overspending on food
A summary of reasons I've learned from personal experience for not maintaining contact with an ex boyfriend
Here are some tips for my new niece or nephew, which are some general nuggets of wisdom to brighten your day and help you face the future
Why do we need to contend with loud music on public transport? Here is a humourous article for those who yearn for a quiet life
Some tips to help you push on through to complete recovery from your break up
Some musings on how to maintain structure and purpose in your life to reach your goals
Here are some tips to prove that surviving as an actor on a small budget, in London or any city, is not impossible!
There are some pathetic excuses around for care givers. Make sure you're not one of them and remember to praise and encourage!
Ever dreamed about becoming an actor? Ever wondered how to turn your dreams into reality? Read on..
Some personal stories about the importance of overcoming obstacles in the mind
If you're going through a break up, it can feel like you're drowning, and you're grabbing for anything that will save you. Anything to ease the pain, a quick fix. Both the bad and the good news is, as you will see, that there is no quick fix.
A summary of tit bits I have collected from my years of renting in London, how to weed out the dross and land a comfortable pad!
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