Abdul Haye Amin

Abdul Haye Amin
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Abdul Haye Amin is the author of new book of poetry in language English second collection of 'The Islands Historia De Amor' published by Xlibris Corporation. First Collection of Bangla poetry 'Nil Dar
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'Nothing will remain statues of myself to hold on to, To treasure on earth those who loved me the most? Nor there will be any lovers to share the beauty I see reflection on my eyes?
“…I will call them ‘my people’ who are not my peoples: and I will call them ‘my loved one’ who is not my loved one :”
“I’m sorry my dear friends those who regarded world famous of all, It better late than never, I will never see you ever again? Worldwide well-known famous to introduce in any bilingual language How famous I ever was in this world?
I may be Visually Impaired medically known Auditory Hallucination In your eyes but I can see you by mean in any distance Since I fall in love with you I was known total blind.
In the nation some time we are known blind when we feel sick or suffering unknown illness individuals often seek for immediate medical attention but most are failure in treatments, instead of seeking almighty Lord miracles cure from symptoms. Today tablet 'Seroxat' company finally men...
And writers will write in many languages, To describe the victory and to praise the Lord The beauty peoples of Palestine Never tasted suffering for their own country But only glory of liberation in life
To remain our love we ever were in this universe. Once we ever was searching for True love and Individuals to share, Happiness and Joy what ever stored for us, As natural tree and branches with fresh leafs.
It a lesson my Lord given us to learn from Our generation to follow his instruction In culture, in heritage and in our society.
Please let me know after you seen the medical professionals their Judgement if they ever agree distant ‘Friendship Click of Finger’ with you to digest my distant Internet Communication in ‘Friendship. Click of Finger’ At once.
“If your right eye cause you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell”.
...Sorrowful and soulful poetry and stories, filled with imagery that reflects almighty God's love as ray of morning lights through the doubles glazing windows.
In the poetry collection “NIL DARIAR PREM” –(Ocean of Love), in language Bangla from Members of the European Country Portugal, in memory of Manoel Da Assumpcam, not only the first man to introduce in a Foreign Country at the time of British India, language Bangla.
Few day remain to celebrate birth of your son in December twenty five as always in every years. I don’t want to face my lord Christmas ever again. At the times of Christmas I believe your son never had any Christmas presents have you ever gave any? Whose Father could not even writt...
place your medical ‘Radars’ the ‘Treatment lights’ through the Hospitals beds those who known believers within their own Lord to secure their health and make them to run from hospital beds as any criminal run from Secure Police criminal unit or Jail in the nearest Church to pa...
Most often Islands peoples seek permanent friendship through the distant, It may sound sweet as relationship for ever but time will tell It was fake dream in his or her life Islands of Pamplemousses, Mauritius, Beauties my love remains unfold for ever.
Once again my dear Lord 'Thank you' my Boss! Without your kind help in farming in the field of nation was struggling to survives daily their own life.
27 nation in history in 1734 first European country Portugal Missionary, Manoel Da Assumpcam to teach the language Bangla author Abdul Haye Amin also collections of Bangla poems ‘Nil Dariar Prem’ mean in English ‘Oceans of Love’ the Bangla book of poetry, also received by Bang...
‘Nistur Bandhu’, new and old for supporting ‘Nistur Bandhu’ breathless music in Bangla almost stolen every one lonely hearts beyond imaginations we ‘Nistur Bandhu’ promise this time never going to be second time around ever going to be stolen any one belonging soul, mind a...
Finding your E-Mail address among all the addresses in a Internet dating website was my crimes of offenses to communicate at all other than to go to nearest Church for not his or her love but to worship in love?
When the country holds secrets economic financially sounds of Kingdom of Lord beyond any measure of scale in word, under the administrations own feet, under the own feet of ground speak in many cultural language, the soil is the richest of all. When any one plant anything’s it will ...
On his search, author uncovers the disturbing truth about his almighty God in the British Channel Islands, in the heart of Islands Royal Guernsey Magistrates Court, administrations in his Bangla poems ‘The States of Guernsey’ governing and ruling the Islands in the past the auth...
Today, 21 February 2012 it like days of toys orphanage children’s play in the play ground with colour pencils and chocks to drew the picture of 1734 and 1952 in language ‘Bangla’ medically known as ‘Visual hallucination’ all over the world as children’s lost their on par...
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