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My writing will be about life in general. I'd been a teacher before I shifted to being a self-employed person. I happen to have several interests, like I'm a dog-lover, I love to dance and sing too.
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When you are driving home and you see that you are being followed, most likely these people behind you have some intentions up their sleeves.
I used to think of myself as generally healthy as I always lived a healthy lifestyle, I don't smoke nor drink and I exercise on a regular basis. It came as a shock to me and my family when one day I had to be rushed to the hospital because of a dizzying spell that hit me all of sudde...
Wikinut sent me a surprise! When I opened my email, there in my inbox reads the message that Wikinut has just sent me some money in my Paypal. Isn't it sweet? I can't help but jump back in to renew old ties and more.
Goodbye is one word that is always hard to say and accept.
Well, this article is not for the faint of heart nor the morally conscious for this narrates a story which is sexual in nature. If you insist in reading in spite of the warning, don’t tell me I did not tell you beforehand.
A wife is worried why her husband seemed to have lost interest in her
Knoji is a site for everyone who has questions and those who have answers to the questions.
Shades come in various shapes, sizes, colors and people wear them for different reasons.
In all my many years of existence, I had seen and worn most of the underwear styles.
This is what I have observed here in Wikinut--we only get comments when we submit new pages.
If you think modernization has changed the ways people think, think again. Even with today’s fast technological advancement, there are still many people who would use extremely weird methods of capturing the heart of their love interest.
Every country and culture has its own beliefs and traditions.
I have never believed any of the stories people tell about ghosts that appear in the school where I once studied and later on taught for years.
Being able to ride a bicycle was a dream-come-true to kids in our community back in the day.
Many years ago, the coolest thing a family can own was a transistor radio.
One can get paid writing stuff for Wikinut. However, I realize that this is not so easy to do.
Poverty often puts people in embarrassing situations. I have two real stories to support this--one is a little bit funny, the next one, not so funny.
I lived at a time and culture when women did not know anything about sex.
When one becomes a Wikinut, there is no other way to go but up. Now on my 36th page, I think I am heading smoothly towards 100.
Some ten years ago, a doll site, http://www.cute-spot came into being. Instantly it became one of the top doll sites all over the world.
After 33 pages, this Wikinut still considers herself still struggling to be the real thing. Lately, however, I notice a certain quietness or slowness in the site. Or is it just me?
I became a member of Triond before I signed up for Wikinut.
The male ego is bigger than the universe. Men have the tendency to live up to the standards set by society for them. They are supposed to be stronger and in charge of every situation. Anything that challenges their masculinity can cause shame which could lead to anger.
Not everyone should have a dog. There are reasons why some people should be kind enough not to have a dog. You could be one of them.
Writing comes easy for many seasoned writers but for those who struggle putting words together to come up with one sensible sentence, writing can be a real problem.
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