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Egg white is 90% water. It also contains long protein molecules which keep a proportion of the water molecules loosely connected.in their normal state ,the proteins are in the form of dense spheres which can best be compared to balls of wool.
When frozen foods develop dry,white or brownish sports around the edges-known as freezer or frost burn-it is usually because the food's packaging was either not airtight or was to large.
Air pollution always places plants under stress,but they do have inbuilt defence systems to protect themselves.If the threat is from ozone,there will be a reaction within a few hours.
Research has consistently shown that sleep and brain functions are closely connected.Sleep is not only important in consolidating ahat has been learnt,it apparently also e
Once the telephone is switched on,it will search for the strongest signal from the nearest towers.The telephone then identifies and registers itself to this base station.
Air can absorb a certain amount of water vapour without it condensing to form clouds or separating from the air,the higher the humidity;and the hotter it is, the higher are the levels of absolute humidity that can be reached before the water condenses.
Fish are anything but dumb.Squrrelfish communicate with clicking sounds,wrasse grunt, gurnards growl and male drumfish have special muscles around their air bladder which produce a drumming sound when contracted rapidly.
Plants communicate using a chemical language,using scent as the means for sending and receiving information.Some plants vocabularies contain more than 100 chemical 'words' which are used to exchange information about pests or to call for assistance.
The maximum human lifespan is around 125 years.However ,some experts believe that this limit could be extended by somewhere between 10 and 15 years.
Forecasts are difficult to make,In 1960s,after the Apollo Moon flights,plans for a permanent,manned Moon base were already being made,and flights to the entire solar system seemed to be within the reach of astronauts.
Asteroids are small bodies that are made up chiefly of rocks and metals.Most asteroids orbit the Sun in the wide asteroids belt, which lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter ,on the other hand ,are made up of a loose mixture of rocks and ice, and for this reason they are often c...
Mars is a conspicuous object in the sky, not simply because it is so bright, but because of its strong red colour. The cause of this colouring is the dust that covers almost the entire surface of Mars, and which contains large amounts of iron oxide.
Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun in our solar system. Since its average distance from the Sun is only 58 million km which compare with 150 million km between the Earth and Sun, its position in the sky is also very close to the Sun.
The US Apollo space project sent a total of only 12 people to the Moon in the years between 1969 and 1972. First to reach the Moon, on 20 July 1969, were the Apollo 11 astronauts, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin.
In, principle, outer space is already open to ordinary people-the only requirement being great wealth. Each year the Russian space agency conveys one or two paying space tourists to the International Space station for a week long stay.
People tend to behave in a socially responsible or even utterly selfless way when they are concerned with the welfare of a group that is close to them, or part of what they regard as their tribe.
In the not too distant past, the only way a satellite could help a farmer was by providing a weather forecast.
Finding landmines requires either well-protected heavy machinery that detonates the mines as it passes over them-or someone coming dangerously close to the hidden mines on foot.
The experts tell us that fresh fish dose't smell at all. A smell only develops when fish has been in transit for a long time or after long periods in the freezer.
One of the reasons for the rarity of blue flowers is the complex chemistry of flower colours.
Harmful substances in air, water an food, along with radiation and noise, are all environmental factors that can damage our health.
Tsunamis tend to be completely unexpected when they come crashing ashore. In most cases they are caused by distant earthquake on the seabed, so they can appear suddenly, even on the calmest, sunniest days.
The reason why some people find that their urine smells strange after they have eaten asparagus is sulfur.
The caffeine in coffee and black tea passes into the bloodstream and effects the central nervous system.
nicotine from cigarettes travels straight to the brain where it links up with nicotinic acetylcholine receptors and sets in motion a whole series of hormonal and physical reactions.
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