Jane Gibbons

Jane Gibbons
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Digital marketing executive, I like to write in the financial technology niche, I also run my own personal finance blog.
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A simplified guide of some of the first things you should be thinking about (i.e. they take time) when considering a move to France.
This is an updated guide for 2016 that shines some light on the increasing popularity of 'phishing scams'.
Writing is at the heart of academic life, so it’s essential you get the basics right. Here are five writing techniques that can help to improve your grade.
A summary of everything you need to know about this alternative loan option.
A frank and honest consolidation of 5 points anyone visiting London should internalise to look like less of a tourist!
This is a 5 minute break down introduction to stocks and shares. I have encountered many people who express an interest in this concept, but are easily overwhelmed by the plethora of factors that can put you off before you even get started, I hope this guide will help open the door fo...
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