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I have Meditation Cert, Author, and ghost write for an astrology site. Inspirational and "cause for pause" are preferred areas of writing.
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Regardless of faith or how we believe there are always times in life left with questions and no logical answer that fits what is and how it came to be. Blessing are magical and more surround us than what are often realized. Always searching for the logic and not realizing some things...
Time is always moving us forward to see more of the precious moments that lie within change, so don't waste time holding on to an outmoded rut. This is just a reminder to not rush your time and overlook all of the precious things life brings. Time moves quickly creating change and wi...
Inspirational piece as a reminder that regardless of life's adversities we can be true to ourselves and always have a place within that we can find tranquility and peace. This helps to make clear decisions and keep goals in focus.
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