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I write everything from poetry to Christian mysteries and young adult inspirational...
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Jesus weeps today, just as he wept then, he wept when our nation was attacked on 9-1l, and he weeps when one of his children grieve, when a Mother has a child who is hurting she will do everything she can to help them just as Father would, so isn’t the same true for our Heavenly fat...
Today I worked with the kids as I normal do, and the three year old decided she did not want to be obedient, so we had to discuss with her the importance of doing what Jesus would want her to do. I told her that Jesus wants her to be obedient, in the way a three year old can understan...
Tragedy and life situations can either make us or break us, we are either going to draw closer to him or we are going to pull away. I see my friend M as the ultimate example of that, facing an illness that would eventually take her life, an amputation that forever changed her life, an...
When you stray, Seemingly loose your way, Search for the light, The light of Christ’s Love.
Taking piece by piece, until you took the way I use to define me. You were suppose to be Daddy I was suppose to be your little girl, But you made me feel like some unwanted puppy off the street.
It is amazing to think that Christ died for us, that not only did he die for us, but he suffered one of the most painful deaths imaginable, being crucified. How that must have hurt, but Christ did not come here to experience an easy life, he was ridiculed and mocked, long before he w...
Yet don't think because I happen to have a disability That gives you a right to judge me
Sharon’s Daddy was abusive, which I thiink might have part to do with Sharon getting invovled with drinking and drugs, thankfully he is gone now though, her parents are divorced just like mine, but at least my Daddy is still in my life and never hurt me.
I walked the line Somewhere between faith And unbelief
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