Annette Bromley

Annette Bromley
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I'm Annette Bromley, also known as GreenMtnWriter at Twitter and I love to write, share my thoughts, my hopes, my faith and my nearly 70 years of learning and living with others. I live in Vermont
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Walking is good for you, good for you all over. I have osteoarthritis and walking is very important for my good health and well-being. Walking is fun and it is great mental and emotional therapy as well as for your physical good health. take a hike, well at least a walk every day.
Shopping and staying within our budget is not always easy but it can be done. Here are a few suggestions that may help you.
Everywhere we go and everything we do sets us up for running into germs that can make us very sick or even kill us but we can't live our life in a bubble; we can, however, use some common sense when we are made aware of the risk.
How we live our life has a direct or an indirect affect on everyone and everything around us and continuously circles and extends itself like a pebble tossed in a pond. A positive attitude will beget a positive attitude.
Once the great Green Mountain catamount roamed our forest, the ghost panther, the eastern mountain lion. As of today this great wildcat of our forest has been declared extinct by our government researchers. Read more...
Is the food you are eating slowly killing you? It might be. Read more...
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