Jack Wellman

Jack Wellman
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I am a pastor, author, and freelance writer. I have written 4 short paperback books and love to study the Bible. I am presently trying to complete my masters in Seminary.
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What is a biblical model of how to share the gospel of Jesus Christ? Only 1 in 10 Christians actively share the gospel. Why is this so?
Why do so few Christians share the gospel when so much is at stake? Is it a fear of man? Here's how to overcome your fear to witnessing.
A Haiku that speaks of the unfathomable love of God in Jesus.
What is pure religion as defined by James in the Bible? It might surprise you just who are the widows and orphans are.
A great number of nursing home residents never receive visitors and many of these residents will die within the first two years of living there. Are these two facts related?
What are the duties of angels? What does the Bible teach about angels? Does each Christian and child have their own angel? Are guardian angels biblical?
What do you do when your children scream, "I hate you"? What are the best methods for parents or step parents or foster parents to do when this happens?
What happens to babies, infants, still-borns, and young children if they die prematurely? Do they go to heaven? What does the Bible say?
Read some of the most hilarious church bulletin blunders that have ever been published. God is perfect...church bulletins, not so much.
What is it that is special about our pets? They are so much like family. Find out what makes them bond with us in a personal way that reflects the love of God.
Here go I but by the grace of God. I used to be homeless, jobless, penniless, no family, no hope, no future, until someone helped me. Now I try to pay it forward.
I write biblical, theological articles that address relevant issues today using the Word of God as perspective to answer difficult questions about the world today.
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