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Alicia Badilla
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I'm a Traveler/Writer/Investor At times I interview interesting professionals. Thank you for reading.
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Promising research in the field of Epigenetics and polyphenols show that Cocoa Bean Husks (CBH) are effective functional materials to be used in either preventing or inhibiting cancer.
If you are new to investing in Options then read about the 3 most common blunders investors make when dipping a toe in the water.
Why is the US trying to over-regulate? Some say it is the democrats fault and others say it is happening because of lobbying funded by US Based Forex Brokers. Read Below to examine how international firms are conducting business and why more and more investors are diversifying intern...
For a company like RR Donnelley who specialized in outsourcing (indemnification) I doubt they will have not covered their own mistake by having outsourced to another smaller Limited company. Soon we will find that they are putting the blame on a smaller scapegoat.
With the Euro threatening to break like a crystal glass the EU is faced with the most serious financial crisis in history. What could change and what is at stake? These are the most relevant questions to ask… read on to see the answers.
Word on the street has it that there could be a Cocoa shortage and the world’s supply of sustainable cocoa will run out in the next 3-4 years...
Overvalued companies tend to buy overvalued companies. Read on to see how Facebook made the dumbest purchase in history. Not because of the value of the company but the legal repercussions that will come with the way they mistreat the 35 Million registered customers of Instagram who...
Operoseness: noun : the quality of requiring extended effort. Read on to understand how gargantuas the US national debt really is and what would have to happen to get it under control. Why would the US Federal Government want a weak USD? Here is the answer...
There is a situation brewing in the financial markets that US Presidential Candidate Ron Paul is aware of but many dismiss. Read on to learn more about this potential disaster known as the student loan bubble. You will also see how spot on Ron is when it comes to his view of the US D...
Will the NBC share price be effected by their prohibitive use of the F-word? I doubt it but it may cost them a small fortune in fines by the FCC. Read on to hear about cussing Karl and his investment tips.
Seven Portuguese banks are in the cross hairs of the Moody gangsters with four already dead in the downgrade. Read on to find out how will the failing Portuguese economy may effect the Euro and who to short when trading opens on the 29th of March 2012 in Europe.
Will transparency trump fairness and liquidity? An authentic question that will only be answered after the algorithmic impact of High Frequency Trading either succeeds or fails. What will happen when the average investor decides the game is fixed?
The chances for military action against Iran appear eminant.,,,Read on on how to make $100,000,000 investing in Gold & Oil.
See how Cuba can make you wealthy if Raul were to loose control of the socialistic country. Many think a capitolistic Cuba is around the corner. Read on to see some of the facts and benifits.
What happened to super star Alec Baldwin on American Airlines a short while ago?
Why are the financial markets so volatile and what could be the next piece of bad news to send us into that sea of red?
I am in Australia and I want to buy physical gold or invest in gold derivatives like option contracts or CFD's...How do I go about doing that?
My father used to speak about a company he says was responsible for World War 2. That is how I first heard of the German Company called I.G. Farben or better known as AG. They had such influence and economic power that they single handedly made it feasible for Nazi Germany to almos...
How the contorted and incomprehensible global financial markets create situations where Warren Buffett's dire prophecy on the Euro could be fulfilled. Euro Collapse = Global Depression.
President Obama speaking now on what happened with the Super Committee: "Too many Republicans in Congress insist on Protecting Tax Breaks for Wealthy 2% at Any Cost"
AUSTRALIAN Buyers ask: What are CDS? Read on to learn everything you need to know about investing in credit default swaps And what would have to happen to make money on one if purchased on Italian Debt?
The self imposed deadline of November 23 is just around the corner and the Super Committee is can investors make money on potential problems with the debt reduction agreement...
Read on about the oddity of getting rid of dictators and which oil companies one shouldn't invest in if sleeping well at night is important to you.
What if you wake up tomorrow and see that the US Military has initiated a large scale intervention in the growing conflict with the Mexican Zeta Cartel? This is what my source has guaranteed will happen within 6 months unless another bigger event happens that could take the attention ...
The life of Steve Jobs and the declining price of Apple. Why did we hear about the death of Jobs on Twitter before CNBC, Reuters or Bloomberg?
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