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American Adobo is not just a common film telling stories of love, relationship and attitudes working abroad, but it cooks for a menu that talk about politics and life after the revolution. One main political critique of the film was the concept or idea of getting a good future and for...
In the northern part of Luzon, “pagpapapako sa krus” or crucifixion on the cross during Lenten season is a Filipino authentic practice as a Roman Catholic believer. This is a belief of true sacrifice imitating Christ’s suffering in his last days on earth. Crucifying one’s sel...
Throughout the Philippine political history, Dynasty of families over politics is being questioned, queried if their motives are for the people or for their self-interest. What do they get in public service?
Benedict Anderson published his book Imagined Communities in 1983; this was also the time that the Philippines were in great turmoil because of Marcos’ dictatorship.
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