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Ever since grade school, people have come to me seeking help and advise. As a result, I specialize in giving such advise in a down-to-earth and realistic manner. I am also an Eagle Scout and random.
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This is me writing while not pursuing any one goal or idea. Instead, I let my mind loose.
This is a self-help page on how to get you over your fear of the dark.
Do you love science? No? Well, I do, And this is why.
This is when the most profound things in life come from the most simple, rundown, forsaken, and mundane places.
In the great spirit of capitalism, we as people can still only predict and guess as to what the economy will do next, as if it were a ADD 5 year old. Here is my idea as to dissolve some of that doubt.
My name is Roger and this is my odyssey. I was trapped on a strange land and this is how I managed to survive.
So you have lost your faith. If you are broken up about it or otherwise unsure about The Big Fish, think about it like this...
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