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Deborah Judges
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I I have kept Journals on and off for 38 years. Sometimes the words. thoughts and feelings fly from my mind to the page; just streaming through my fingers.
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This is to inform all Americans that on May 16, 2014 we are asking for TEN MILLION American citizens to March to the White House in protest of Obama's Policies and demand he step down
My child is constantly coming home from school with some ailment. I being her mother, don't want her to be at school if she isn't feeling good. But Her Daddy said enough is enough and made a rule about when I could check her out and when she needed to stay in school.
Having Post-partum depression that turned into Post-partum psychosis has lead me on a journey through the realms of psychosis and depression and tortured me with my own fears of weight gain. There was a breaking point this past month and now depression and psychosis are at my door aga...
Finding you own niche in the Writing World with a square peg and round whole.
Keeping the pain and stress away from children during and after the divorce.
How other countries are standing up against the Muslim sharia laws and actually asking the Muslims that practice it to leave their countries!
How knowing someone for 30 Years impacts That Special Day.
What's going on with the dietary supplement Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Bean extract, and how it is profoundly affecting my life
My family in Pennsylvania had too much snow and so I told them, I would pray the snow would come to Northern Alabama.
This is a Page to let people who are following me, know why I choose to use a pen name and the reason I use the name Deborah Judges.
Cold day today. Bought a pair of boots for Five dollars my bid won on the LC Action Auction. Very good day but, only like one hour sleep in the last 27 hours.My teenager finally get's a TV that she can actually read the cable channel guide from her room
Another day in my life. Hoping that it's interesting and catches your attention...
When rejection comes, the feelings you have might be a blow to your ego, but it can actually be a blessing. Rejection makes you, yourself, have to review your own work. As a writer we are more critical of our own work and may find mistakes even an Editor can miss!
Trying to write something everyday so that I can stay "thoughtfully limber".
Questioning the reason common people will elect an official to represent them in the government of America, never actually directing the official to their own visions for the country or using their rights as a citizen to moderate said official's work done in their name.
This is a regular everyday kind of submission. There is a lot of traveling, good news, networking and just being a mom.Tomorrow would be a more ideal time to write but there are things to be said tonight.
February 3rd, 2014, My very first internet Journal entry. Here embarks my voyage, my path, my flight.into the internet world of keeping an open Journal online for the whole world to see. I guess you could say in these next few paragraphs I the ME I want to be, will come to life...
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