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Marion Licchiello
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My life mission is to help others to achieve their goals & create the life of their dreams by sharing my experiences with them. I believe in "The Law of Attraction" & manifestation.
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I've been thinking about all the things I’ve done in the past, studied, and have worked for me in living a healthier lifestyle. Are you ready to make some small changes this year to be healthier and fitter this year? It’s amazing how sometimes just making small changes can make a ...
Here’s my thought for today as we are starting off the new year. Ready? This is a big one!!! How can I be a better person?
I was just on the phone with a good friend who is having family issues and it’s due to the holidays. Why is it because of these dates on the calendar there has to be all kinds of changes, disruptions, compromises, etc? Find Support and someone to talk to. It really helps with gri...
When we dine out on a regular basis we are consistently consuming extra fat, sugar, and salt. The more fat, sugar, and salt we eat the more our body wants. Are you aware of what you are eating when you go to a restaurant?
What are you doing for Thanksgiving this year? I always ask when every holiday rolls around; will you be eating healthfully, eating anything you want whether it’s fattening or not, then going back to healthy eating the next day or will you be eating everything but in moderation? Wh...
What can we expect from today 11-11-11? What does it mean? What is the significance - here are some little things I on.
Interested in writing for an on-line magazine, blog or e-book or just sharing to help someone? I'm looking for success stories and people who have changed their lives in some way for the better to add to my book or any publications with your permission. If not, just share to possibly...
I believe everyone needs to boost their confidence every now and then, especially if we want to be more positive, productive, successful and in line with our goals and dreams.
Have you created your Vision Board Yet? What is holding you back from being the person you want to be? Why haven’t you started exercising or eating right yet? I asked myself similar questions. Why am I slacking off every now and then since my dad passed? It’s been three months; ...
As a coach, the number one reason a client comes to me is Fear.((IS FEAR HOLDING YOU BACK?)) Whether they are at the top and want to go higher or need to work through a problem, the common thread is False Evidence Appearing Real.
Have you ever thought about getting a Life Coach or becoming a coach? I'm a Self Empowerment Coach and I'm going to share with you just some of the many things it takes to be a great coach.
My love for my dad. He is truly missed but I'm glad he made so many wonderful changes before leaving us to go onto a better place. When I'm writing, I want to be totally honest, when I say things such as he wasn't a saint.. I feel no one is.. he was a good man...just had some issues...
[b]Do you have limiting beliefs?[/b] If you are unsure of what a limited belief is; let me explain. Read on to find out more about limiting beliefs or limited thinking.
Are you aware the mind controls the body and the connection between the two. Read on and learn more .... who knows ... maybe it will help you make a connection and change your thoughts to change your life!
Are you a believer in card readings? I want to share with you my experiences in life and how I feel I help people get through blocks in their lives and how the cards help to guide them in the right direction, give them insight or validate the direction they are already going in is th...
Remembering 911 and all the heroes who put their lives at risk or lost their lives. My sympathy to all who lost someone on that day. It's hard enough losing someone who is old or who it's expected but that day was tragic and I feel for you.
What have you replaced or substituted in your diet? Are you still eating high fat/saturated oils? Are you still frying your food?
Whatever you focus on is what you get .... positive or negative so why not choose to focus on the positive!!
Do you know someone who is always blaming everyone else for the mishaps in their life? Are you that person? It's time to take responsibility. If the same thing keeps happening to you or someone else over and over again...maybe you or they are the problem...not all the circumstances...
Work on the inside and the outside will follow....different situations and different people come in and out of our lives for a matter how bad it feels if and when a situation ends or a person goes on and we learn from the experience. We are never alone.
Are you grateful for everything that happens in your life; Good or Bad? Everything is a learning's all about how you internalize it. Gratitude is everything!
Labor Day Weekend is right around the corner. If you are looking for a way to still indulge but burn some extra calories or cut some unnecessary calories out of your diet...READ ON!
Holiday eating and beyond... Are you on a diet or healthy eating plan? When a holiday is around the corner, do you plan ahead of time? BACK TO SCHOOL - Students....Teachers....Parents - Your schedule will be changing... will your eating habits change for better or worse?
With Hurricane Irene on its way I thought this would be a good read. It's all about getting over your fears and how F E A R is false evidence appearing real. If you really have a fear you want to get can't hurt right? Don't be on.
Is Hurricane Irene coming your way? Here are some ideas to make it a safer, calmer environment for you and your family. Be Safe!
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