Wendy C 77

Wendy C 77
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Middle aged mum of four boys, All grown in to fine young men now, I have had a varied work path with some character building jobs. I consider myself a bit of a witch.
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A worrying state of affairs! The Government tells us Cannabis is a bad drug. do we blindly believe and not ask questions... well of course !.. How could we let this happen?
My own personal view of pregnancy with twins, It was my first pregnancy and as I think back now, i was definitely thrown in at the deep end. Every pregnancy is different, as is every mothers experience and of course, every baby.
Can colors change our mood? They are certainly used a lot to describe our mood, feeling blue, in the pink, green with envy. Perhaps we can use colors to help in our lives, to lift our moods, will our choice of underwear color reflect our moods? Can we keep happiness in our pants?
My efforts of giving up smoking, it includes previous efforts and some info that others might find useful, hints and tips that make it easier to give up smoking.
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