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Married, father of two boys, with 30 years experience in Health and Social care, writing fiction, non fiction and poetry.
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Recent pages by scotslad60

A short treatise about my home city, based on the book entitled "No mean city"
A tale of unmitigated Murder? Or was it a mercy killing? Let the reader be the judge.
Reflections on a life that has moved into the past and comparing it to the life that has arrived to become the present.
A personal opinion piece, based on my own experience as a latter day migrant to the "New world" country, America.
The tale of a message from the divine? Or the hallucinations of an addled mind? You choose!
Just a few lines of thought on one possible future for Humanity
About the sometimes apparent uncaring attitude permeating our modern society to some extent.
A slightly serious self-analytical article on the reasons for creative writing.
A personal view on the slant on the debate of global warming.
Making a life changing decision to alter one's life, as told through the eyes of a bird.
A fictional account of a patient death in hospital, as seen from the point of view of the deceased.
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