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A dad that likes to write.
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Bristol Palin, the daughter of Sarah Palin, who was recently seen on "Dancing with the Stars" has just bought her own house in Maricopa, Arizona. Maricopa, Arizona? What? A house in Alaska makes sense or even in Orange County, but Arizona? Here are a few reasons she might have dec...
The mystery of whether John Wilkes Booth evaded capture and lived out his life in another state, or was actually tracked down and killed 145 years ago, has kept historians busy trying to find the answer. Now with DNA, the question can finally be answered.
You are all fixed up and you KNOW that you look good, but how come when you get your picture taken, you don't look as good as you thought. Now a days with computers and technology we all need a good self-portrait of ourselves. Check out these tips to help you get a great photo of y...
Most of us use whipped topping on our desserts, but how about going back to the basics and making your own whipped cream. It will taste fresher and have that homemade goodness. It's not that hard to make and you can impress your holiday guests with your cooking talents.
The wacky stories are still coming in about the aggressive pat downs the TSA is subjecting people to. It seems as though individuals with medical issues are getting the worst of it though. Take the case of the woman with a missing breast, a man with swollen testicles and a 12-year-ol...
Women tell lies for many reason and it would probably surprise you to find out that married woman have their own set of lies they tell. The next time you hear the following, you'll know what it really means.
The Golden Globe Awards are presented annually by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) to recognize the best in the entertainment industry. This year the awards will be presented January 16, 2011 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Who has won the most awards? Meryl Streep has 7 ...
You can't think of Nicole Richie without thinking of Paris Hilton, so why didn't Paris go to Nicole's wedding?
Every since Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon got married we have heard rumors that Mariah was pregnant, followed by news of miscarriages. Now the famous couple have wonderful news and they want to share.
This Christmas, we will all be thinking of ways to save money on giving presents. What could be better than giving a creative, one of a kind Christmas presents by your children, that is not only budget-minded but also will be appreciated and enjoyed for years to come. Choosing a frame...
It's Friday afternoon, and you have just been called into the office and told you are being laid off. Now what do you do? Christmas is around the corner, you have gifts to purchase and stress of finding a new job. Here are some tips to help you get through being unemployed during the ...
Orange peels can be used for many things. Drop them into your garbage disposal to freshen it up or throw them into your compost pile, but before you do that, you can use them as muffin cups. The most nutritious part of the orange is the pith, which is the inside of the peel. Putting y...
Looks like Miley Cyrus is all grown up and is celebrating her birthday like some of the big kids do by smoking a bong.
Many a times you feel alone in this world, but you are not really, we all have someone we can reach out to, but this group of over 1600 people, had no one.
First they said it wasn't him and now they say it is. Police believe they have found Ronni Chasen's murderer.
Your a man, a husband, you want to give your wife or girl friend the right present this Christmas, but every year you end up in the dog house. You try to get it right, but every year you are completely clueless on what to buy and are in a panic days before Valentines Day, her Birthday...
Twitter is a great way to get people to notice you and notice your blog or website or product. By following a few of these ideas, you will see your popularity jump.
It seems like everyone is trying to trend something on Facebook status. Remember when women were putting a color on their status and it turned out to the their bra color? Then recently everyone was changing their profile pictures to cartoon characters. The last day for that was Dec...
Remember all those fancy anti-theft $100.00 bills the Feds spent years developing? Seems they are trying to print them now and there's a problem.
Most of us have just gotten primed and ready for The Walking Dead when the season finale arrived-all to soon.
Find out why the new TV show about zombies is smart and different if not a little bit gross. But, don't let that keep you from watching it.
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