Glenn Maluchnik

Glenn Maluchnik
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I was born in New York State now in Pennsylvania U.S.A. Gradated 6/12 from Enterprise High School online I like to write poetry,short story' ,and lyrics. sometimes an articles
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This short story is about David O'Connor ,and how his luck changed then ended up paying the price.
This poem is about loosing someone close to you that is loved very much.
These lyrics are about a singer /song writer who is going to stop writing singing/writing song ,and his way of saying goodbye.
This poem is about a city that is ruled by fear as it's magical heart of life is stolen.Kind of a fantasy poem magical.
This poem is about memories of love lost long ago ,and loneliness ,and the pain it causes .
This poem is about a person who is suspicious about his teenage children, and wondering why people say the things they do that make you wonder.
This poem is about tomorrow which never comes because when it get's here it's today.
This short story is about 10 million dollars in gold stolen in 1875 ,and never being found 2 men think they know where the gold is hidden it may cost them there lives trying to find the gold.
This poem is about being happy ,and smiling in life. Also winning doesn't mean coming in first.
This poem is about depression ,and a man who gets depresses,and used only to get even.
This poem is about angels,and the happiness they can bring into a persons life.
This short story is about a piece of jewelry that has a curse on it,and a mummy that comes for it.
This short story is about Indian's who kill Johnny McCain's family in the 1880's ,and the future that waits for him.
This poem is about the world,and the damage being done to it.
This poem is about memories,and life also about growing up.
This poem is about people who use other people for money not getting the real love in life they need.
This short story is about a creature known as the snow thing as people hunt the snow thing .One night it comes into a peaceful town as every one slept.
This short story is about a man who's nightmares from his childhood come real later on in life.
This poem is about life ,and people who don't treat you like a friend but really aren't friends,
This short story is about a man who's greed finally caught up with him.
This poem is about a person going through his life ,and problems a long the way.
The U.S. Government Made Robots to fight a long side U.S. Troops as the Cold War came to an end the robots were dismantled Some were saved for now a new mission as Mars waits for the robots
This short story is about a man on his way to visit his parents when he is attacked by a werewolf.
This poem is about Nature ,and will it be like in the future and about life.
This short story is about a piece of silver that is turned into a silver coin ,and has powerful wealth bringing power to it's owner.
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