Blair Gowrie

Blair Gowrie
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Author of fiction, poetry, musicals and song lyrics.
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A short poem describing a visit to a liitle shop and an escape from winter.
Writing a narrative poem is not so diificult. This article offers some suggestions on how to get started.
It was a large ship but where had the crew members gone?
Bangkok now dominates the world sapphire market, but all other gemstones can be found there too
Exercise is good for you, so make friends and have fun while doing it!
This is the place where even the most mundane of personal or household assets can be turned into immediate cash
Have a personal or a business problem, want a decision on something, need to know what will happen tomorrow, next month, next year - visit a fortune-teller!
Buckingham House was the residence of a Duke before it became Buckingham Palace and the residence of Kings and Queens
This is the place where the young and not-so-young backpackers congregate - it's cheap, it's friendly and it's fun!
There is enough food in the world to feed an ever-rising population. The problem is that some countries have too much and some too little.
You don't get good soldiers by forcing every Tom, Dick, and Harry into the army
The town of Twinsburg was founded by twins, and it celebrates twins every year.
Diamonds are the stuff of legends, but the real story is more prosaic
George, the chef, had five cooks under him, one of who was proud and haughty and another a hard drinker
If you want to get rid of tension, stress, pain, or breathing difficulties, there's nothing better than Aromatherapy.
Pearls come from under the sea, not from under the land, and their subdued lustre and glow make them royalty's favourite fashion accessory
The white people of the world seem to feel that that their appearance is something of little importance. It's time for them to change their minds.
For many people right and wrong are not rigid principles, but are concepts which are flexible
Vegetarians have shown that the eating of meat is not necessary for a healthy diet - in fact, the eating of meat often leads to health problems - so let's forget about steaks and hamburgers and get our proteins from other sources.
Names are given to be used, not to be debased by turning them into cheap abbreviations
Throughout history gold has maintained its status as a sign and depository of wealth
Invited to Cuba by the Maximum Leader, George and his team take the opportunity to visit Guantanamo bay
When democracy is adopted by an amoral society it works in an amoral way
Chillies are an essential part of the cuisine in many countries, but not many people in those contries know that chillies are not a native plant
Where women's sweetness, charm, and innocence have been developed into an art form - in order to relieve a man of his money
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