Vuyo Sigidi

Vuyo Sigidi
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I write about my personal experience and mainly focus on love. I was born in a small town called Sterkstroom in South Africa located in the Eastern Cape. Love writing poems .I also played soccer when I was still in high school.
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This poem is about desired love, imagined love about perfect love that only exist in the world of imagination.
this is a poem about lost love for the broken hearted, the loners and the people who think they are the only ones who got hurt while inlove. we all go through hurtful moments just stay strong and everything will work itself out. thank you and enjoy
It’s the smallest things we forget to say that counts in life which end up being lost forever.
Is life really a rhetorical………….well that is for you to decide ………….Thank you
The search of true happiness must start within because only when we become friends with the person within can we truly be happy………….THANK YOU
We all fall in and out of love enjoy...........THANK YOU
We all make mistakes and we all learn from them............Thank you
God loves us all and treats us equally....... Thank you
This is the formal introduction to the person behind the Poetry and Rhyme............Thank you
This is for all the lovers out there..........Thank you
This is my 10th Poem so please do enjoy it.......Thank you
always face inner battles with pride, enjoy.........Thank you
We all love,hurt and end up hating the only person we ever truly loved...Thank you
I always try and write on what I feel. This piece is one of my greatest work so far if I may say so myself, enjoy it...........Thank you
We all do through depression once in a while but that is no excuse to let go or give up because there is a light at the end of the tunnel……….Thank you
Life is tricky and for that we need to be slicky. Tears wont take us any where at all we need to believe
I wrote this poem when my heart was badly broken by a person I loved and stil love. Hope you injoy it........Thank You
All of us deal with broken hearts every once in a while but its not the pain that teaches us not to fall again its the memories we left with. Thank you
When all is go and we think we have nothing all our words brings us alive, words are the source our being and we need to embrace them because at the end words are what we feel.Life without sound is not life even when we down or bankrupt or even when we die we say our last words meanin...
They say experience is the best teacher. Matured people know love is like magic but magic can also be an illusion, you can love without being hurt. Please enjoy this poem. Thank you very much….
This page is for all the lovers dealing with the beautiful and ugly sides of love,let us enjoy reading poerty sothat we grow at heart. Thank you
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