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English major in Central China Normal University
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This is a sonnet devoted to my love, inspired by the scene when I was to leave him after a short visit.
You know how bitter it is to see the one you love be far away from you.
You are Tomorrow and I am Past. My tomorrow lives in my past.
This sonnet is a continuance of the previous two. I wrote this when I knew a good friend of mine finally broke up with his boyfriend, who wanted to live a "normal life" rather than a stressful gay love life. It reminded of my ex and ex-ex, who have the same inclination. Of course they...
Because of fear, I proposed to end this relationship, while my love became angry with me. Then I guessed that he got angry because he cared. Then I wrote this as an apology and also an apologia for my waver. However, this sonnet is not as smooth as the previous one. That's one reason ...
This is a sonnet dedicated to my precedent love, who plans to marry like others do in the future. He honestly told me this, and I wrote this sonnet.
I write of my love and thoughts. English is not my mother-tongue. This is my first try.
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