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J. A. Custodio
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I'm a pessimistic twentysomething with a passion for ranting, er, writing. I have a wide range of interests including, but not limited to, magic realism, things inspired by bacon, obscure Asian movies, and role-playing games. Mostly bacon though.
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Recent pages by J. A. Custodio

Top Chef and Hell's Kitchen are probably the most prominent cooking show competitions on TV today. Which one is better? Read the article for more info.
This is a review of the manga, Voices of a Distant Star. It tells the story of literally star-crossed lovers and how they overcome their predicament.
This is a review of Jack Johnson's album, "Brushfire Fairytales". It's a laid-back acoustic collection of songs made for easy-listening.
This article is a comprehensive review of the fast-rising Facebook game, Wheelers and Dealers.
Ever had a hard time figuring out what recipe to make with your limited number of ingredients? Supercook may just be the website you need. Interested? Read on...
This short article discusses the concept of the inherent goodness of people and the author's opinion regarding it.
This is a review of "A Pocketful of Rye", a mystery novel written by Agatha Christie.
This is a comprehensive review of Heroes' Season 1 DVD.
A review of the role-playing game classic title, Suikoden, made available at the Playstation Network.
A review of "Taken", a 2008 Luc Besson action film starring Liam Neeson.
A poem I've written a long time ago. A foolish time when I believed that all poems must have angst and dark undertones.
It's a tough battle between fast food's convenient allure and the pure goodness of a home-cooked meal.
In this tough times, how does one find the good in people?
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