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i am graduate from biology department, mathematics and science faculty. I intend to focus on topics such as science issues , travelling, and general topics
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Having a pet really makes your day more cheerful. Their unique behavior can be annoying, shocking or funny. I think, between pet and an the owner there is connection, they could understand each other’s meaning. Can you believe it?
Mass media, advertisement always said milk is good to your bone health but some researchers disagree because of some reasons. In this page, I wrote about milks benefits and adverse effects, especially to bone health.
Are you lactose intolerant? Consume yogurt could be a solution.
Do you drink coffee everyday? How about tea, chocolate, soft drink or energy drinks? Which one is containing the highest caffeine levels? What are the benefits and side effects of caffeine especially in long term use or overconsumption?
Do you like tea? Which one do you prefer, green tea or black tea? What are their benefits?Which one is better for our health? Here I wrote tea benefits to our health, comparing between green tea and black tea.
Which one is better for us? Which one has more benefit to our health? Nowadays, prebiotic and probiotic became popular because of their benefit. Both of them claimed that could improve human health and inhibit some diseases. If both are good for our health, could we combine them? Are ...
Did you know differences between female and male cat's behavior? Here, based on my observation, the common behavior of cats
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