Abhilash Tyagi

Abhilash Tyagi
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Hi, I am Abhilash Tyagi and I love to read and write about new technology trends, health, energy and travel.
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It is really important to stay informed about the current education trends that can improve the studying as well as a teaching process. Reading the top education magazines can help you to stay updated with latest trends in education.
When it comes to choosing the ceiling fan for your home, the way it functions and looks matter a lot. Also, ceiling fans are quite helpful in keeping your electricity bill low by circulating cool breeze all throughout the room. But many people don’t get the fans as per their desires...
Every year thousands of students migrate to Canada with a hope of getting better and bright future. The major reason behind the migration to Canada is the excellent opportunities available over there, be it for career or job opportunities.
Moving to a new location is itself a big task and the additional weather element increases the level of difficulty and tediousness. Even the professional movers would have trouble in transporting goods in extreme weathers.
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