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I love writing silly short stories.
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Work from home opportunities in transcription with Quicktate.
Los Angeles has it all, climate, beaches, Hollywood, and culture.
The lonely man on the moon, and his wants of something different.
What treats will be found at Camys Crimson Cottage of Confections, read and find out.
Well Varunas in for it once again. Will she ever learn or will the Vase of Vanquish be her end?
Well Varunas up to mischief once again. But will Miss Pickles put her in her place?
Will Purely Pompous Port make it through the pummeling of the Pirates?
Well Varuna is getting herself into trouble once again and all over a silly toy.
Varunas up to her old tricks of greed again. What troubles will she encounter in Italy?
What great fun there is to be had at The Festive Fall Frankfurter Fest.
This is a shot story about Lillians big day at the Puff A Doo.
Story about one lost sole that sits and waits for her loved one.
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